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Hey there everyone! 

Lilly Davis here, and I am excited to bring to you another great interview with a phenomenal woman in business.


This week, I had the privilege of speaking with and interviewing Miss. Delia Damaris, from the windy city of Chicago!


Now, I have personally been connected with Delia for two years. We met when we were both apart of the same Forex educational platform. From experience I can tell you that this woman is diligent in all that she does, she loves her family (son, younger sister, parents, etc), she is committed to seeing her customers succeed, and my God the girl can put her foot in some cooking!


She is the mother to a sweet five year old boy, and she has been dominating the internet as a mom making money online for four years.


She is full time in her business and works entirely from home spending as many precious moments with her boy as her heart desires.


Let’s take a look at Delia’s journey…


When Did Your Journey Begin and Why?

“Well, 4 years ago. I was separated from my husband and my baby I think he just turned 2.  It was a really bad situation. I was going to be a real single mom,  and it was very hard for me to accept and just hard to transition into.


At that time, I really wanted to try a product that I saw online, and the person that I actually bought the product from was a millionaire in her company. It was really like a wonderful God thing, because this person who had a lot of experience really knew how to motivate and help me get out of my comfort zone.


At that time, I felt like I hit Rock Bottom. Basically all my dreams of being married and having a beautiful little family living happily ever after and whatever kind of just exploded in my face. I really did not care anymore what people thought about me or like had any kind of reservation about putting myself out there.


And I said you know, what? What do I have to lose? Well long story short. I actually had huge success like right away. And that’s huge!  I mean it was good for me, you know, it was definitely more than a thousand dollars my first month and I thought that was crazy!


That was really crazy because before that I really tried to do everything.  I was very very thrilled and excited and I ran with it and that’s basically how it happened.


I just marketed myself on Facebook because I could reach so many people. I did use Instagram too, but I never really got good marketing myself on Instagram. Facebook is my thing.


So yeah, that’s basically what happened! I just saw quickly how I could be an influencer and how i could influence people’s opinions, and I reached a huge audience outside of my little circle. 


So yeah, basically that’s how it happened. It kind of happened out of  necessity. I had to, and I didn’t want to get a real job, because I wanted to stay home with my son. So that was my number one motivator was I have to do something because I don’t want to go to a real job.

Thankfully I never did. I didn’t have to, and it’s been four years and I’ve been working at home ever since and it’s been wonderful.”

What Business Are You Building Right Now?

“I first started in a health and wellness company, but I transitioned into a company that basically helps people trade on the Foreign Exchange Market.  


It provides education and tools and it just really gives people the key to create their own Financial freedom without selling anything, without going to a job, without recruiting, without doing anything like that.


It’s really really nice and empowering, and it’s a completely different environment than what I was in before. I really really love it, because I’ve seen just so many people, so many of my personal customers and people in our community…their lives have changed.


It sounds corny and cliche, but it’s really the truth, like when you can create your own income using the internet It’s really really powerful.”

How Has This Journey Changed Your Life?

“Well, you know it definitely is a journey, and the thing that I love the most about it is that it’s a process.


It’s really like a growing process.


I’m a completely different person today than I was four years ago, and it really is because you know, when you do something for yourself when you step out of your comfort zone,  you have to expect growth.


I’m just really proud of myself. I’m proud of who I’ve become and where God has taken me. And just all the things that I’ve overcome, all the obstacles, and it’s really really great.


I feel like I’ve been training for a marathon or something, you know, and I’ve been like running this marathon and at the beginning it’s hard. There’s a lot of stumbling, but you know, once you get your yourself in a groove you feel really good.


I definitely feel really really good now, and the growth has been the best part.”

Any Words of Wisdom, Encouragement, or A Quote to Share?

“You know, I heard this quote and this one quote is what really carried me through.


What if I fall? But darling, what if you fly?’ 


It’s true, you know, like we could always have that fear of like well, what if I fail or something like that. We have this fear of failure, right?

Especially when we try something new. Let’s say maybe you do get started on, you know, a dream job or like doing something online for yourself, or you know network marketing or even trading whatever, and at the beginning you’re really really excited right, and then you get going and you realize boom I hit an obstacle or two or three and you fall and you fail and you’re like I guess this isn’t it.


The thing is, you know, the fear of failure should never hold you back. We really should expect failure, because every single great person who has ever done anything good in their life has had to fail.


I didn’t want to focus on the failure. I wanted to focus on what would happen If things actually go right. What if I fly actually, you know, what if I fly?


Don’t focus on falling or failing, focus on flying.


You are going to fall, but no matter what, no matter what you choose to do for yourself, failure is inevitable; but if you continue…if you stay consistent, you can fly. You can soar. You can be successful.

It’s just all about pushing through, and once you push through, you know that success is yours.”

That’s All Folks!

Wow! What an inspiring interview. What if you fly?


You know, as women, we tend to be very emotional beings, and it’s very common especially after we have children that we begin to look and treat ourselves differently.


Maybe we don’t go get our hair or nails done as much as we used to. Maybe we don’t treat ourselves out to dinner and a movie as much as we used to.


We begin to lose our self identity for some reason, and with that we lose our self confidence.


We doubt our ability to do phenomenal things, and we turn away from opportunities that could add so much value to our lives simply because we are afraid.


Girl, you have nothing to be afraid of. If you’re going to fear anything, fear where your life will be 5, 10, 20 years from now if you do nothing.


Fear what life would be like if you never find your voice, pursue your passions, and shine your light.


Learn to fly!


With Love,




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