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Lilly Davis here with another amazing interview.

This week is all about Nina Rodriguez, a wife and a mom of two who after being completely blindsided and fired by her employer 8 days after returning to work from maternity leave, she jumped on the opportunity to learn a skill set that enabled her to completely replace her full time income within 3 months!

I am very excited about sharing this interview that I am sharing today, because thus far it is one of my absolutely favs.

It has been a couple weeks since our last interview was posted, BUT we are back at it again!

Let’s hear from Nina about her journey…

Where Did Your Journey Begin and Why?

“So it’s very interesting how my story came about because it was actually not planned. It came in a form that was something that I wouldn’t have recognized it to be normally right because as mom’s we like planning things, we want to have things in order like that’s how we want to be right? My story came abruptly on me and I had to figure out what was I going to do?

So I actually used to do insurance. I used to do insurance sales. I would sell auto and home insurance and I left my job on maternity leave in January at the end of in January 2018, because my due date was coming, right so my baby was coming. I’m nine months wobbling around in the office like it was just too much.

I ended up coming back I want to say the beginning of April. It was like the first week or so of April. I came back from maternity leave and I literally worked eight days in total and I was fired from my job. It was something that was unexpected. It was something that was just kind of like I was blindsided by it. Like there’s nothing that anybody can do in eight days coming back from maternity leave that could really get you fired from your job.

So it was something that was just like when they pulled me in the office and was like Hey, look we have to let you go. It was a shock to me and it hurt because I put my Blood Sweat and Tears into this company, you know, I sacrificed vacations I sacrificed, you know time away from our children.

I would work nine to five. So we’re sacrificing time away from our children not only on the regular schedule, but I was working overtime for this company, right because I was in sales so I had to make my quota so I would stay late, you know where I was missing out on my daughter, you know her homework.  I was literally coming home and my daughter was already sleeping.

So I was sacrificing everything for a company that I ended up finding out that it hurt because it was like you just you guys didn’t even care enough about me to at least give me a warning a heads up like anything and I come back from maternity leave. I left on maternity leave thinking everything was good. I was in a good place. Like I just left thinking that everything was on a high right all-time high.

I was doing great in my sales. I was making my commission’s my money was coming in. So I was doing great right and then I come back to such a reality check in eight days. I lost my job and I didn’t have a back-up plan. And I’m very honest. I didn’t have a back-up plan. I didn’t have anything that I would look forward to. I just had a kid like I thought in my brain like man, they knew right?

They knew that I just had a baby they knew all of these things and it was almost like they just didn’t care and that’s just how I felt. I kind of took it personal right because you do so much for a company and to see what they could do to you in an instant without even thinking about it like you’re so replaceable.

Maybe they didn’t have enough money. I don’t know what really happened because they never truly explained that to me. They just told me. Hey, we’re laying you off. You know glad you came back. But here you go. We gotta let you go kind of thing. So I started an online business because my husband was already into what I do, which is in the Foreign Exchange Market.”

What Business Are Your Building Now?

“The Foreign Exchange Market. I first started just doing it, because I wanted to learn the skill set and then I actually turned to what we all know as network marketing as an additional stream of income, and it came from a passion of really trying to help others. I’ve helped men become successful in the market. I help women. I help young and old. It doesn’t even matter. All I wanted to do was to help people learn that this is real.

This can be real for you. I really want to help you, and it comes from a place of helping. That’s all really network marketing is really…reaching down and helping other people to let them know that this is a reality and you can make money from home.

I was so closed minded that I laugh at myself now, because if I would have really never took the step had this crisis not happened to me in my life.”

What Lessons Have You Learned and How Has This Changed Your Life?

“Having the time freedom to spend with my children and be present in my daughters life.”

Any Words of Wisdom, Encouragement, or a Quote to Live By?

“For every woman that’s watching, this is something that does come from the Bible. It says, lean not on your own understanding but trust in the Lord.

Lean not on your own understanding because you never know what God is doin. In the back end you never know why God is allowing certain trials or certain tribulations to come into your life. He’s trying to pull something greater out of you. He’s trying to get a purpose out of you.

I went from losing my job to now look at the back end, right? Look what God was doing. Have that Faith. Step It up. Step out on that faith.

You all have purpose. You are all designed with purpose inside of you. God created us with a purpose, right? It’s just up to us to really believe and step out on faith.

So I talk to every woman that can hear the sound of my voice right now that God has called you with a purpose. So if you are tired of your job, if you’re miserable find another stream of income that’s going to create a vehicle to get you to where you’re supposed to be to get you to that path.

Just lean not on your own understanding. Lean not on your current condition. Lean not on your current situation.

Have faith and trust in God. Trust that God is leading you to a place where you can conquer the world, have Financial Freedom, and impact lives.”

That’s All Folks!

My interview with Nina was nothing short of amazing!

Her energy and passion for serving others and helping them achieve life changing results is inspiring!

“Lean not on your own understanding,” are powerful words of wisdom.

Sometimes it is easier said than done, BUT thare are going to be those situations where we have to learn to simply Let go and let God.

I hope this interview moves you to TAKE ACTION and do so with vengeance!

The world is waiting for YOU and your unique voice.

With Love,

Lilly <3

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