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From college drop out living in the basement of a bar to 7 figure earnings, world travel, and time home with her babies, Layla Black has taken the internet by storm as a mom making money online through the power of simply being true to her authentic self.


I am so excited to share my interview with Layla Black with all of you.

I have been connected to Layla since 2015 when I first got my start in the online world.

At the time, Layla and I were affiliated with the same company, and I will never forget the moment I met her.

I was fairly new to the company and building an online business and so I was pretty shy about the whole thing.

Our company at the time was having a conference in Orlando, FL and although I was excited I was also a bit freaked out.

I didn’t know anyone really and I didn’t know what to expect.

Layla had created a group I believe is called “The Super Women Connection,” and somehow I became a part of it.

All the women were invited to a brunch on the first or second morning of the event and I was so excited!

I felt kind of special and honored to have been apart of that brunch considering I didn’t know Layla personally and I wasn’t even in her downline.

The moment I met her,

I was welcomed with a hug and a big warm smile.

In my mind I was thinking, “Man this woman is a 7 figure earner! She is like a celebrity in this company. I can’t believe I am joining her and other amazing women for this special brunch!”

Have you ever met someone so awesome that you looked up to and didn’t know what to do with yourself? LOL

Yea…it was like that for me.

Layla inspired me that day. In fact, she still inspires me even 4 years later, and I am honored to have had the opportunity to speak with her and share her story with you.

With out further ado, let’s hear from Layla!

Where Did Your Journey Begin and Why?

“Well, let’s go back because I wasn’t always making mula online.

We can go back to when I was in grade 5 being bullied called the fat girl at school like it goes way way back.

I had a lot of baggage I was carrying around with me for a long time, but my entrepreneurial journey, I was raised like everybody else, you know, go to school get good grades. Go to become a doctor. I don’t know how many times that was said to me in my life ‘Lay like you’re going to be a doctor and you’re going to take care of us.’

I followed the plan. I did what I was told. I went to University.  As soon as I got there. It just imploded in me. It was like this is not my path. I don’t want to do this.

So I dropped out of University. I started partying. I started drinking and doing drugs and all of these things. I felt like a failure. I had dropped out of University. That was the only way I saw that I could be successful. That was the only path for me.

So I started working crappy jobs, like cleaning houses and telemarketing jobs and I just felt like this is all I’m ever going to be. I had this F tattooed. I say tattoos, right because I’m covered in tattoos, but I had this F tattooed on my forehead where I just felt like a failure because I didn’t have this piece of paper. I sold myself short, you know, I Got stuck in this dark and lonely and depressing place and one point before I first found this crazy industry of making money online, I was living in the basement of a bar.

I was pretty much homeless because I had no home, living out of a hockey bag, forty dollars to my name, playing in a band with my tattooed boyfriend, and going nowhere really fast.

I didn’t have a plan. I didn’t have belief in myself that I could even do anything worthwhile that I had value, that I was going to do something great.

I remember I got started in the way many of us start at through network marketing. I was at a meeting in a hotel meeting seeing this concept that I’ve never even heard of before. No one ever told me you could own your own business. No one ever told me about these business models where you were the boss where anyone could do it.

They don’t care if you have tattoos. They don’t care if you have a University degree. You just have to be willing to go out there and help people and make a difference and change lives. I was like, oh I could do that. I could do that.

And yeah, so that was how I first got started and it was a big struggle because, I was a broke musician. I was living in the basement of a bar. Who the heck is going to listen to me when it comes to making money?

‘ All of you should join this business. It’s going to be great!’ And so I totally like crashed and burned through all my contacts.

Then, I found this crazy thing we’re on right now called the internet and I was like, okay, why am I bugging all my friends and family to join my new business when there’s a gazillion people online that are looking for something different that are looking for a way out that are looking to escape.

I just got to figure this out. So that was really when our business totally transformed when we started to bring it online. We started to bring our story, our value, our experience, everything online…our character, you know being able to just make people laugh and smile.

It just totally transformed our business, because we were able to show our story on a massive scale and open up this like megaphone to the world and transform Our Lives.”

What Business Are Your Building Now?

“Oh gosh, the business of Layla. Actually, one of my big passions is my female Empowerment Group and really working with women to help Empower them just like this…that you can have a business, but I do have different funnels and systems in place where we’re monetizing different niches.

One of them that I’m really passionate and excited about right now is in the travel ream. I can be an adventure preneur and like taking epic vacations and get paid to share those vacations.

Like if you go to Instagram. Some of the hottest niches the hottest accounts are travel accounts because we love to travel, so we partner our passion for travel with we know online to Market it and to position it on the internet where the eyeballs are.

So yeah, that’s my super excitement right now, but I’ve got different vehicles.

Really it all comes down to you. Like it doesn’t matter. My business is me this story that I’ve taken people on to help them become more confident to help them be more successful in whatever they do.”

What Lessons Have You Learned and How Has This Changed Your Life?

“We just got to be us and not try to be someone else.

It is about you. It is about being authentic and really letting people in to some of the most vulnerable moments in your life.

Like I’ve talked about my addiction with drugs. I’ve talked about some of those moments of total despair when you know, I felt completely hopeless and I felt that sinking feeling and even if people hadn’t had issues with drugs in the past, they could relate.

They could relate to those dark moments where you’re just at the lowest low and they would connect with me, you know, and that was really the secret sauce of how we’ve been able to build large audiences on Facebook on Instagram…just being real.”

Any Words of Wisdom, Encouragement, or a Quote to Live By?

“Everything is as it should be”

so we’re constantly on this road and I’ve been on as well, you know, especially working with different companies like weight loss companies, we can get really attached to the before-and-after right?

We’re always in the destination to hit a certain goal, but you should come to this place of acceptance, like everything is as it should be. If you’re not making money right now, there’s a reason, you know, there’s a lesson that you haven’t learned yet. There’s a breakthrough that you’re meant to have.

 Everything is as it should be.

Learn to love where you’re at…learn to love the process, learn to love the journey, learn to love exactly where you are without constantly comparing it to where you should be.

I say get rid of your shoulds. Don’t talk about your shoulds, because they put this negative expectation on us.

Um, ‘I just should go to the gym. I should eat healthy.’ One of the things that I always ask myself is ‘Do you want to or do you not want to?’ just ask yourself. Do you want to or do you not?

Don’t say you should, because you’re just you know, you’re bringing yourself down. But if you say do you want to yeah, I want to, I want to be healthy. Okay, then go.

Stop saying you should eat healthy. Just do it. Decide. Do I want to eat healthy?

If you want to eat the french fries, fine make the choice and then you can own your choice and you own your decisions. Don’t keep guilting yourself. But yeah, everything is as it should be.”

That’s All Folks

I have to say, after hearing the words, “Everything is as it should be,” I was a bit humbled.

I can’t tell you how many times I have compared myself to where I thought I should be, and Layla is right, it does drag you down.

I have shed so many tears over the expectations I placed on myself only to drag myself down when I didn’t meet those expectations.

It’s a rough cycle to be in.

Lastly, remembering to be true to you is a MUST.

No one is perfect, so stop trying to be. Just be YOU, and those who are meant to vibe with you, will.


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The Super Women Creed

From the Orlando Brunch in 2015

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