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This week it is all about Sherri Brown, a former spammer in network marketing who turned into a successful business coach. Within 24 months from determining that her way of doing business was actually hurting rather than helping, Sherri shifted her perspective, changed her strategy, and built a 6 figure business. She has done all of this using the world wide web.


It truly was a pleasure speaking to her to hear all about her journey and the life changing lessons she learned through it all.


Here is Sherri’s story…

Where Did Your Journey Begin and Why?

“I never even thought of actually doing anything on my own. I went to college. I’m four classes a way from a double master’s degree, and I was just, you know, kind of raised to go to school. You go to college, you get a corporate job, and that’s just what you do. And you know, I had worked in sales and Wireless sales for a while. I was you know in the banking industry for a while and you know, once I started dating who now is my husband, you know, it all kind of started just at one of his softball games. He played softball just you know at night and I had somebody there who was in network marketing and she sold like 31 bags.

She was just talking about how you know, she was a teacher and she was making just as much in her, you know network marketing company that she was in her teaching. It was like a hundred bucks to sign up to get started and start your own business and my first thought was ‘dang like this is going to be so easy. Like I’m going to crush this like I’ve been in sales like, you know, I. I have a master’s in business like this is going to be a walk in the park and you know,’ it kind of started from there.

That was before I even you know, had my little girl and got into network marketing and soon got my teeth knocked in and realized that it’s not easy to build a business.I mean I kind of just dabbled in it on and off and didn’t really take it serious until I had my little girl.

I ended up leaving, you know Corporate America a couple of months before she was born. She was born in 2013, so I kind of you know got back into it and realized that I’m a very independent woman. Right. So, you know, even though I wasn’t having to worry about a roof over my head or you know food in my stomach. It was still the point of I love being a mom.

I’m also very independent and that’s really how I was raised like never depend on anybody else to take care of you like you go out there you make things happen. So there was just like this thing inside of me to create like my own income stream, and I didn’t want to sacrifice being a mom to go punch a time clock again.

So I just you know kind of started the business back up, switched companies, and I just was horrible at it. I really wasn’t making any money those first four years. I was a total spammer.

I often refer to myself as like a hashtag recovering spammer and you know thought it would be easy building on Facebook and I’m somebody who had no influence. I was not perceived as somebody who was successful. I Just had to start from ground up and you know.

I remember very vividly July of 2015 me posting. Like I’ve been posting on Facebook about my products and the opportunity and I called my sister and I was just like, what do you think about my post like you are not liking and engaging on my stuff and she was like ‘Sherry, you know. I love you, but you are a total spammer’ and it was just like such a pivotal moment for me because it was in that moment where I realized. Okay, if I’m really going to like be serious about this if I’m really going to ever produce an income then I’ve got to get serious because if my own flesh and blood is calling me a spammer then I am turning off so many other people and I’m never going to get past my warm market.

So I just made a commitment to myself July of  2015 that if I’m going to continue to do this then I’m going to learn how to do it, because I know there’s people out there who are being successful. I just had to figure out what they were doing.

It took me, you know about two and a half years from 2015 when I was making zero money like just you know spamming no influence. From 2015 it took me to the end of 2017 to have my first six-figure year

I’m kind of living proof that you can start from nowhere, have no influence, but when you really you know make yourself a priority and actually go out there to learn strategies. You can make a difference. You can impact people in a genuine way that is going to be sustainable over the long term.”

What Business Are Your Building Now?

“I still have a network marketing company, you know in the background. It’s not a priority for me. It’s not like my main focus. I have multiple income streams. I’m in affiliate marketing, you know got a network marketing on the side because. You know for me, I’m just like hey, I use the products. I like the products. I’ve gotten great results and it’s also there in case I run into something, you know, somebody who has a problem that maybe they can solve.

My primary business is just you know coaching and you know, I’ve created some courses. I’ve created some online courses and also have a group coaching program. And so that’s really like my baby. That’s where my heart is, you know, really working closely with people. To set them up and and you know to help them to create that rock solid foundation that I didn’t have and that was really how my group coaching program which is the mom’s marketing Lounge, that’s really why it was created.

It was created out of a frustration of. What so many people are doing wrong not only wrong because I think you know, especially for new people who come into the industry and they, you know have an idea they want to you know, start a business. They just aren’t taught effective ways to go out there.”

What Lessons Have You Learned and How Has This Changed Your Life?

“As far as the lessons there’s a few lessons. Number one obviously is, If you really want to make an impact, you really want to create a business to where it’s a viable profitable business, You have got to think like a business owner.

So many people think that it’s going to be easy and building a business is not easy. It is hard as hell to build a business online. Just think like a business.

Another big lesson that I learned was have Relentless Focus. This is you know, something else in an age where we are bombarded with so much information. There are a million ways to build a business online.

There’s always going to be somebody telling you, you know, Instagram it’s where it’s at or LinkedIn like that’s where you should be building or you’ve got to have a website you should be blogging or podcasting and you know.

I had for a long period of time that squirrel mentality where I was chasing the next thing that was going to promise me a quick result and that was detrimental to my business for a long period and it wasn’t until I really sat down and said, you know what less is more less is more. 

Put on the blinders and have Relentless Focus. Like what’s the most important thing that you can be doing right now? You know, right now. I’m in the season of really building out my group coaching program. So I’m not out here, you know hopping on trainings to teach me how to build a business on Instagram. I’m not on Instagram. I don’t give two craps about Instagram, you know what I mean? And so it’s having Relentless Focus. And it’s sitting still long enough to implement and get a freaking result.”

Any Words of Wisdom, Encouragement, or a Quote to Live By?

“There’s a couple of ones that kind of stand out that I’ve kind of lived by because look I’m a quote Junkie.

The first quote that I kind of live by is one that I heard ‘everything is figure out able,’ you know what I mean.

New levels, new Devil’s you know what I mean? So just because you see somebody that’s a six-figure earner or a seven-figure earner. They’re still struggles. They’re still you know what I mean trying to figure stuff out. So if you’re coming into the space and you say, you know, oh, well I can’t do this..Figure it out.

If you don’t know how to do it, hire somebody, find somebody, you know what I mean? Like everything is figure out able, and so I always try to remember that when I’m getting stuck or when I’m getting frustrated or learning something new, you know, just that I can figure it out. I may not know it right now. It may be freaking hard right now, but eventually that hard is going to get easy.”

That’s All Folks!

Relentless focus…do you have it?

I can absolutely relate to Sherri when she shared that she hopped around looking for “that thing” that would give her a quick result.

The truth is, there is no quick way to success in business.

Success is a journey. It is a process, and it requires commitment, focus, and consistency.

A harvest takes time. First we plant the seeds, then we water them, and then we wait for them to grow.

Plant your seeds, water them consistently, and at the right time they will bloom!

Remember, Rome was not built in a day. Your business wont be either.


With Love,

Lilly <3

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