Meet Lilly Davis

 Lilly Davis prides herself in being a woman after God’s heart, a wife, a mother, an Investor, and an entrepreneur.


Her entrepreneurial journey began in the summer of 2015 when she became an affiliate marketer of a digital marketing company. It was here where she first began to learn about the world of internet and social media marketing. 


Since then, after trying her hand at different business and investment endeavors, she went on to become certified in internet and social media marketing, an industry where she felt she could provide the most value in, especially in her local community. 


“My vision for Moms Making Mula Online, was to create a space where I could tell the stories of mothers around the world who are crushing it on the world wide web. My hope is to encourage and inspire other women as well as stay at home moms to dive into the world of entrepreneurship and investing. I want  to help other women find their voice, pursue their passions, and shine their lights.” -Lilly Davis

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